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We offer a wide range of dental surgery services for clients in the Jackson, MI area. Come see us for bone grafting, dental implants, ridge augmentations and sinus lifts. We also offer socket preservations and front-tooth implants. Our process is simple: set up a consultation, and we'll assess your needs. You'll receive an estimate of service along with details about your treatment plan.

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Don't Suffer From Chronic Oral Pain

Find relief with a wisdom teeth extraction in Jackson, MI

Are your wisdom teeth bothering you? Pain from your wisdom teeth is a special kind of pain, and it won't just go away on its own. Schedule a consultation at Tedders Family and Implant Dentistry for wisdom teeth extractions. We'll let you know if you should remove your wisdom teeth or find an alternative option.

We also offer IV sedation for wisdom teeth extraction do that you can have complete comfort for the procedure.

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