Extractions & Dental Implants

Why Your Implant Surgeon Should Perform Your Extraction

In our practice, patients often inquire about the possibility of their general dentist completing extractions before returning for implant surgery. Dr. Tedders understands the significance of empowering patients to make informed decisions about their dental care and ensures they receive ample information to do so.

As a board-certified implantologist, Dr. Tedders has honed specialized techniques, including atraumatic extraction, which prioritize the preservation of bone and gum tissue quality and quantity. These techniques are meticulously executed using specialized tools and approaches, resulting in minimally invasive procedures that minimize pain, swelling, and postoperative complications.

Unlike traditional dental extractions, where the primary goal may be simply the removal of the offending tooth, the goal of extractions for implant placement is far more specific. Dr. Tedders and his team strive to preserve all osseous (bone) and gingival (gum) tissues during the extraction process to optimize the outcome of the dental implant procedure.

By prioritizing atraumatic extraction techniques, Dr. Tedders minimizes the need for expensive bone grafting or regenerative procedures, ensuring a more seamless and successful implant placement process. Patients can trust in Dr. Tedders' expertise and commitment to preserving their oral health and achieving optimal outcomes in their dental implant journey.

3rd Molar (Wisdom Teeth) Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions are categorized based on the level of impaction: soft tissue impaction, partial bony impaction, and full bony impaction.

Each type of impaction necessitates specific materials and methods for safe and effective removal. As a board-certified implantologist, Dr. Tedders is extensively trained in all aspects of dento-alveolar surgery, including wisdom teeth removal. He employs advanced techniques to ensure optimal outcomes and minimize postoperative discomfort for his patients.

Prior to scheduling a wisdom tooth extraction, Dr. Tedders conducts a thorough consultation appointment. During this appointment, a comprehensive medical history is obtained, along with an oral examination, including cancer screening, and a pre-surgical sedation evaluation. A final treatment plan is then provided, tailored to the patient's individual needs and circumstances.

For patients undergoing sedation, it is essential to have a designated driver to and from the office. Dr. Tedders and his team prioritize patient safety and comfort throughout every step of the treatment process, ensuring a positive experience from consultation to postoperative care.