Don't Let Anxiety Prevent You From Getting Proper Dental Care

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It's natural to feel anxious before any dental procedure. Dental anxiety, unlike mild jitters, requires special attention. At Tedders Family and Implant Dentistry, we acknowledge this fear and want to help. That's why we offer sedated dental operations for your peace of mind. The general anesthesia we provide allows you to remain conscious but relaxed. This allows us to continue the procedure.

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Why choose IV sedation for your visit?

A sedated dental operation is a great option for patients with dental anxiety. General anesthesia, when administered properly, will lower anxiety levels and pain. For your safety, we ask that all patients:

  • Eat a light meal after the procedure
  • Avoid driving and strenuous activities
  • Abstain from alcohol for the duration set by your dentist
Your dentist will instruct you on how to take any medication prescribed after your visit.

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